Since 2004 we have been producing wedding videos throughout South Carolina. Here's some of what we typically do:

  • Candid before Wedding Ceremony Coverage and creative shots such as slider shots, time lapse, etc...
  • Ceremony Coverage may include 2 videographers. 
  • Usually 3 to 4 video cameras run during the ceremony (Two 4K and two with Interchangeable Lenses)
  • Wireless audio, fluid head tripods, etc...
  • Guest Comments, Reception Highlight Coverage, Closing Shot
  • Completely edited usually within a week and delivered within a week or two. Rendered to your medium of choice!

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Wedding Video Package

Wedding Ceremony Video Coverage

Arriving approximately 2 hours before your wedding, we'll cover some candid moments of the bride & groom separately. We may ask the bride and groom to say something quick to the camera during this time. We also use this time before your wedding ceremony to size up camera placement at the ceremony and to place a wireless mic on the groom.

We typically use at least 2 wedding videographers to shoot your wedding video ceremony. And we often use 3 to 4 video cameras. Cameras are mounted on professional fluid head tripods to ensure following the actions stays smooth and tight. These tripods enable us to videograph your wedding as inconspicuously as possible from a distance while maintaining professional coverage.

Reception Video Coverage

Immediately after the wedding ceremony we relocate to the wedding reception area. Usually this is when the wedding party is getting their photos taken. While waiting for the wedding party to arrive to the reception we ask your guest for comments from as many of your wedding guest as possible. This is an invaluably fun part of your wedding video!

At least one wedding videographer covers all of the highlights of the wedding reception. Highlights such as the announcements, first dance, cake cutting, toast, some groovy dancing, bouquet and garter toss, and whatever else should pop up in front of the camera.

Sometime near the end of the night we may ask newly weds may be asked to venture somewhere private for just one moment. Here the wedding videographer will get a closing statement from the newlyweds. This works as a nice way to finish tying the knot on your wedding video.

Post Production

Immediately after your wedding day CarolinaWeddingVideographer.com will begin post production immediately to construct your wedding video. All the footage will be edited down and rendered to your medium of choice.

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