Pretty Place Chapel

We love producing wedding videos. And, while every wedding we've covered has been spectacular, we esp. wedding venues as beautiful as Pretty Place Chapel! We look forward to shooting the new with our new gear, like our 4K cameras!

The official, less popular name of Pretty Place Chapel is actually Fred W. Symmes Chapel. At first I wonder "is Pretty Place Chapel in SC or NC?". I've seen what I call Pretty Place Chapel called names like Symmes Chapel, just Pretty Place of course, Camp Greenville, and even YMCA Greenville. I've seen it associated with Brevard NC and Greenville SC. When I Googled it I became even more confused. So, I did a quick analytics search to see how other search for Pretty Place Chapel and it seems Pretty Place Chapel is most popularly searched for in SC.

It seems that Fred W. Symmes Chapel, that is Pretty Place Chapel is owned by the YMCA and is on Camp Greenville. If you're interested in checking out this venue you may simply by calling 864-836-3291 or visit click here to go to the Camp Greenville website to find out more about Pretty Place Chapel.

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